Revolution not really working on bunny

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Apr 15, 2020
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Hong Kong
(repost with a lil changes) my bunny was diagnosed with mites a while ago. I’ve used all 6 doses of revolution on my bunny and theres a weird thing. In the morning, my bunny’s ears seem all fine, but at night, they become red. Very weird. It has been better after revolution as I don’t see him scratch his ear frequently. Is it because i didnt change his blankets/house? I’ve cleaned his pen and I change/wash his blankets daily! His hay and water are changed 2/3 times a day. The vet however did not give me further instructions other than how to give him revolution. Other than that he’s pretty normal. I gave him medicine 1 day late so i dont know if that affects it. It was the 5th dose i believe. The 6th dose was also a day late to ensure it was 2 wkz apart. He is 1.6kg and uses 15ml of revolution as given by the vet. Should i phone the vet? Thanks!!