rescue bun had litter july 5th

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Aug 15, 2013
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I rescued 2 rabbits june 15th. They were living in a 2ft square of space each outside,no food or water. Person didnt even know what sex they were. I ended up bringing the girl and boy home and had to leave the third as i had no extra space. July 5th i get the surprise of a litter of 6 little ones. I have had 2 litters in the past so knew what to expect and how to handle it. What i am confused on is these babies from minutes after being born have appeared to have some hair. Normally kits feel rubbery,these have never felt that way,they feel silky. Their bodies have a sheen to them. Could she possibly have held onto the pregnancy longer due to the stress of being rehomed? Checking them daily and they are all lively,doing very well.


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That isn't out of the normal, imo it's just light coloured kits that look pink. Doesn't look any different to what I'm used to..

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