Recommendations for a Rabbit Run greatly appreciated!

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May 13, 2013
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London, UK
Hi :wave:

I've just adopted my first rabbit who is absolutely lovely, and will be adopting a husbun for her soon.

She is a house rabbit but I have a small garden which I allow her to run in freely when i'm outside but obviously I cannot let her run around unattended so would like to buy an outdoor run that I can leave her in when i'm not there.

1 - I'm stuck between whether I should get a metal or wooden one? I think the metal ones seem more enduring and cheaper but I don't believe they are as recommended as wooden ones for what ever reasons?

2 - Advice on the best websites, brands, types of run would be really appreciated.

I'm looking to spend up to £80 and getting a run of at least 122cm x 122cm to 100cm x 200cm approx and 50cm height.

Here are some I have been considering...

Thank you guys!
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Thanks for the advice you two. I already have a pen for indoors but I wanted something more secure with a roof for when the rabbits aren't being observed outdoors. Trying to also buy a run that is made in UK to save on shipping.
I have been looking around too. But I bet that it would be cheaper to build your own. Wouldn't take a lot of labor either.
Have you looked into rabbit tractors? (chicken tractors are almost the same thing, but sometimes don't have wire on the ground) I'm going to be making one for my crew. They were previously free range rabbits, but now they have all turned into escape artists. They seem pretty easy and cheap to make.