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Nov 7, 2019
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Hi. I feel like everytime I post on here it's because of an issue. anyway, has anyone's rabbit ever left orangey brown pee stains outside of their litter box?

The first month I had Nimue she didn't do this and then a little over three weeks ago she started leaving spots like this out of her litter box.

I took her to the vet and since she's never been handled he went with the assumption she has a bladder infection and pit her on antibiotics for 2 weeks. During the first week she kept leaving the stains, then into the second week of antibiotics they petered out. The 28th qas the last day of the antibiotics and then rhis started back again the 30th.

I know rabbit urine can be a number of colors, but I'm concerned because for a month there was none of this, and then suddenly pee puddles. Nothing about her diet has changed, she's eating and drinking normally. Energy normal. All things normal except the random pee.

I'm also attaching a picture of a another pee stain (she did this three times before my dumb brain was like, put her litterbox where she clearly wants it) but it looks like a normal color and is like, an intentional pee. After I moved her litter box here this stopped which makes the orange color more concerning to me since it feels accidental.

Her foster family said they never saw this, but when I was cleaning out her house they had for her, there was a dried brownish sludge stain, so I'm going to assume she did that they just never noticed.


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