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Mar 30, 2006
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whilst checking the sex of my sis in laws 6 weekolds tonight, we noticed that one of them was acting abit sheepish, oncloser inspection, it seemed to be having probs with it's eye, afterbathing the kits eye with sterile water, we noticed it had a cloudypatch on the eye surface, and the tissue around the eye appearedswollen, we also noticed the eye lash area rolling intoward the surfaceof the eye, i've seen this before with cats and dogs, but very fewrabbits,could it be the result of an eye injury, hence thesurrounding eye tissue swelling, and curling in onitself after bathing and carefully rolling thelower lash back to normal, the bun seemed alot perkier, and onobserving her for a while it did'nt seem to return to the inwardposition, any ideas most welcome
Poor little baby.:( I hope she's feeling better now!

I don't really know much about that. But your sister shouldkeep a close watch on the eye. An irritation like that couldhave caused an eye infection, so if the eye doesn't return to normalsoon then the bun should get taken to a vet.
Entropian is not an uncommoncondition. The damage to the cornea can result in the loss ofthe eye. A simple surgery can repair the eyelid so it doesnot rub on the cornea.

Additional note to those breeding for show: Entropian is aninherited condition, so affected animals should not be used forbreeding. Surgery on the eyelid is considered as altering thenatural condition of the rabbit, so rabbits that have had this surgeryshould not be shown.

lil bun was whisked to the vets the nextmorning, and it appears she has an eye infection, she's been given eyeointment and her eye is coming on smashing, thanks for all the adviceguys, we've know stocked up on golden eye also (just incase)

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