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Taelle Far

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Sep 21, 2019
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I've put a dog "igloo" in my back yard to give my bunnies an extra place to hang out when they are playing outside (they love it) - but it's not very attractive. I'd like to grow a vine or trailing ground cover over the top of it, preferably to completely hide it.

Any suggestions for a vine that won't poison the rabbits, but also won't be so tasty it has no chance to grow?
Grape vines won't harm rabbits and are easy to grow. I have used them before when I had a place for my rabbits in the back yard. My rabbits would eat them sometimes, but they grew so fast that they were easily replaced. The problem that I had is that the vines attracted birds, which brought in tiny little ticks, a little bigger than poppy seeds, and I had to use Revolution on my rabbits to keep the parasites off. But you are in another area of the country, so hopefully you might have better luck.
I had a grape vine in another part of the yard. It's always been a problem with caterpillars. I was afraid to spray it this year because of the new bunnies though, and I think the caterpillars managed to kill it. Hoping it will come back from the roots. Grapes are a possibility, though was hoping there might be other options. My buck pretty much decimated all the leaves he could reach on the vine, so I'm not sure a young vine would survive long enough to cover the igloo.