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Jul 21, 2023
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my rabbit has two xpens since i live with my parents and can't free roam (she's has some supervised roaming time in my room daily, or at least the option to by opening her pen door), the smaller one is 30sqft and is the main one she's in while i sleep and work (i work from home). her other one is one shes usually in when i go downstairs for the evening and its 50sqft so she can have room to hop around and explore more shes usually in that downstairs one from around 3/4p-10/11p depending on the day and for some reason she's less active in that one? she doesn't hide or anything in her tunnels and will sometimes go in her dig box, but if she's in the smaller one she hops on her castle, i see occasional zoomies, more flopping and A LOT more playing and digging (on her dig mats etc) is there any reason for this or does she just prefer the cozier feeling of something smaller?

also when i leave her xpen door open when in the smaller pen in my room she'll hop out and look around for a little bit otherwise prefers being in the pen, sometimes totally ignoring the door being open?

she’s not shy or afraid of me or my parents me and her have bonded extensively and she likes to to be picked up/held and my parents she’ll run up to to be pet/sniff if they come by her pen so i don’t think thats why…

edit: id just like to note that the comparison for level of activity between pens i based on the same timeframe for a more accurate comparison
It could be she sees the smaller area as 'her' territory and home base, so feels safest and most comfortable there, and is happy when she gets to go back to it after 'visiting' the larger area.
I would agree with @JBun , my rabbit is free roam, yet he spends a good portion of his day in basically 2 locations near his food, water, and litter box, where he flops over a lot. It's basically a comfort zone where they know they can access what they need and then he ventures out and binky's when he gets more active.