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Dec 22, 2006
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Quad Cities Area, Illinois, USA
Today I was cleaning out laya's cage (just doing a few minor things, like picking up her spilled feed bowl that i swear she does every day!) anyways i noticed she was eating some of the paper out of the phone book she has in her cage to dig at....is that healthy? i took it away from her, but there are times when i can't monitor that...so i was just curious.
Digging at it is totally fine;).

I gave Angel a phonebook too awhile back and took it away from her last week, I was sitting here watching and she ate like 3 decent size pieces of the paper:shock:. A little is okay, but if they eat too much, you have to worry about blockages. So, if she's making a habit of eating it, I'd take it away. Make sure she has tons of hay to eat too, that should help with her not wanting to consume the paper. Angel isn't a huge hay eater, so this paper consumption concerned me, so I took it out.;)

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