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May 8, 2007
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, New Brunswick, Canada
When a rabbit gets older (like 6-7-ish) do their wiskers get grey?

Sisi has grey/silver wiskers, and I wasn't sure if it was just because of the breed or colour, or if shes getting up there in age... (I'm not sure of how old her is, but she is full grown)

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question... But I am seriously intrested in the awnser.

Thanks for reading!
I had one bun who got to be 6 and his didn't turn gray. I now have one that is 7, a mini rex, and they have wirey whiskers, her's have not turned gray either that I can tell. It sounds like it's just Sisi's breed, but I'm not positive.;)
Berri was a black mini-rex, as far as I remember she always had lighter coloured whiskers than the rest of her fur. She was only 2.5 years old when she died.
Okay thanks! I had myself all freaking out thinking that my time with her would come to an end way to soon! Good to know y'all just think its her breed.
Yeah, rexes generally have different whiskers. My foster girl Mocha (a black rex) had light whiskers. Rex wiskers tend to curl as well.
Gray hairs do pop up in some rabbits and are a breed trait of the Silver, Silver Fox, and the d' Argents. However, because the gray hairs would be very undesirable for show in most breeds, the tendency to develop gray hairs would be selectively bred out of most lines.


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