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May 17, 2012
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milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Ok I'm sure this has been posted a million times but I can't find the right answer that helps me. I have 4 rabbits. 2 nethie's a holland and a flemmie. The 2 dwarfs are in the same cage. (Well xpen) they are about maybe 3 or 4 I got them from a lady who's kids were allergic. I'm having a problem with kody, the male just refusing to use the box. I don't think he was ever fully litter trained. I've went as far as buying a huge container to hopefully see if he'll use it. With no luck he's not. So now I wonder if he's refusing to use it because in the pen next door is my holland lop, who currently is 3 years old and he is not fixed. That's coming this summer. He does use his box, with a few droppings on the perimeter to mark his territory. He also is in an xpen. I've never really caged my rabbits. So I'm not sure how I could just put the 2 nethies in a smaller area. Now my hopes are to eventually put all 4 in the same room, the same xpen. Yeah it'll prob be impossible. Also my flemmie is 31/2 months old doing well on his litter training he's in the living room. So I guess my question is how can I get my male nethie to use his box? I'm getting frustrated.


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Apr 17, 2012
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Prince George, Virginia, USA
What has worked for me for an intact ten week male flemmie and for two bonded intact female smaller buns of a mix of some sort that I took in at about a year old:

Keep the bun in a limited space. Hang a hay rack above the litter box or place some hay in a corner of the litter box so the bun has to be completely in the litter box to eat the hay since they tend to potty while eating.

Clean up any poo outside the litter box and place it in the litter box. With any urine that is outside the litter box, soak up some of the urine with the corner of a paper towel and place that in the litter box.

Clean up the area with a mix of vinegar/water which removes all odor so the bun will not continue to potty there based on smell. For flooring use first on a small, hidden spot to make sure it will not discolor the flooring. If your bun has chosen a spot himself to potty all of the time then place the litter box there.

Once the bun is using the litter box all of the time for peeing then he is considered litter trained since it is very rare to have a bun that will not drop at least some poops outside the litter box. Once the bun is litter trained successfully you can then slowly allow it more space. You may find that you need more than one litter box for a larger area.

If you feel your male may be not using the litter box because of an intact bun nearby then your best bet would probably be to move the buns further apart until all buns are spayed/neutered. My male although intact never sprayed until after I brought the girls home but only when he could get within a short distance of them. I got an X pen to put up arounf their cage and now that he can't get as close the spraying stopped.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
If all else fails, you may want to rule out a health problem as the cause.

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