Please help! (something in rabbits eye)

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If it looks like a bit of fur fluff on the surface, I would try flushing it out with plain sterile saline eye drops (eg natural tears), carefully as to not scratch or damage the eye.

Medirabbit: white eye discharge

If it's not on the surface but is in the eye, as that's what it appears to be in the photo, it's likely uveitis caused by the parasite e. cuniculi. This parasite gets into the eye due to it being passed to a kit while developing in the doe prior to birth. A scratched cornea may also be a possibility.
Medirabbit: corneal abrasion and ulcer

You would need to consult with an experienced rabbit vet to determine what treatment is needed, immediately if it's painful and causing a lack of appetite, as your rabbit will need to be put on eye meds, pain/anti inflammatory meds, and will need assisted syringe feeds (to prevent GI stasis). Your rabbit will also likely need to receive the month long oral fenbendazole treatment for e cuniculi, which your vet should prescribe, or will need antibiotic eye drops if it's a scratched cornea.