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May 10, 2024
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I need help with my rabbit. This morning (about an hour ago) I let my rabbit out of his pen, he took a tiny bite of veggies\pellets. He ate hay but would not eat food, he also took a long drink too! He has an outside pen so I brought him inside a cool room. He puts his head on the ground and just sits there. He looks weird maybe sick? What should I do?
He may have ingested something toxic, or there could be some other medical issue going on. When a rabbit isn't acting normal and is unusually lethargic, and has a lack of appetite, this usually indicates discomfort or pain of some sort that likely needs medical attention. I would strongly recommend getting your rabbit checked by a knowledgeable rabbit vet today, the soonest appointment you can get. Mention the possibility of breathing issues and the possibility of something toxic having been ingested. This may very well be an emergency.
Thank you for your help, I would rather not take him to the vet, Is there anything else I could do? I also tried to give him some baby gas relief drops. There is no sign of improvement.
There isn't really any at-home remedies for unknown situations like these. You cannot expect to treat something if you don't know what caused it. It is best you get your rabbit to a vet, no matter what it takes. Otherwise you risk him just dying on you. I would be mighty alarmed and get a god **** cab to the nearest rabbit-knowing vet ASAP if my bun acted like that all of a sudden.

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