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Aug 3, 2009
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, Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone!

In Canada, unacceptable numbers of farm animals are kept in cages and crates with no room to turn around, stretch their limbs or spread their wings. They are pushed beyond their natural physical limits to gain weight and produce more milk and eggs as quickly and cheaply as possible. Treating animals this way is cruel, and the costs to human health, the environment and rural communities are being ignored.

I just sent a letter to demand policies that encourage more humane and sustainable farming practices and not more factory farms. I hope you will send an email too. The deadline for comments is June 30th.

Please visit to quickly send an e-mail from the World Society for the Protection of Animals� (WSPA) website. It will only take you a couple of minutes but could make a big difference for farm animals.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is inviting us to comment on Growing Forward 2, their proposed policy framework ( that will define the future of agriculture in our country. Unfortunately they are still ignoring the very serious impact that current farming practices have on animals, your health and the planet.

If you could take a moment and follow the link I (and the farmed animals) would be very greatful! I'm hopefull that one day everyone will turn vegan... but until then I hope that we can at least make their lives better than they are currently.

The letter is already drafted... all you need to do is add your personal info, and any personal notes you'd like.



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