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Mar 6, 2004
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, Alberta, Canada
My Christmas tree is high up on an end table.Unreachable by the Diva's yes? OH NO WAY...Jezebel has figured out away to precariously stand on the very edge of the arm of za couch andnibble on a bough or two.

Yesterday I caught her nibbling a needle, and to be sure of it Ichecked her breath and sure enough she has Christmas tree dead giveaway kinda breath. Now my q is this, should I move the tree oversome-or will this be okay for her to do every now and then? There areno pesticides nor sprays of any kind, I enquired when I had it cut down.

I couldn't find any quick reference regarding theingestion of pine needles, but I do know people give them pine cones tochew after baking the conesin the oven to eliminate any"critters" that might be lodged therein. My thought,therefore, is that the needles "probably" shouldn't present a problemin the amount(s) you are inferring.

Perhaps, others will have more specific recommendations.

Good thing your buns don't drink alcohol, or you'd probably "ferret"out that imformation from them as well. I guess they can'tfool Mommy, eh?

No sir, ya can't snow the snowman :p hehehe. Ifonly you could see me smirking after checking her breath, it was tooofunny~"NARK" Christmas police is here, please expell any air you areholding in your mouth Miss.Jezebel, I know your guilty...

Thanks for taking a look for me Sir.Buck, I do appreciate it, as I am sure she will too

Or a nice straight jacket! LOL!

We bunny owners are pathetic! LOL I am laughing out loud cause....... I would be smelling bo's breath too!
Just a lil bump to see if anyone else has had this pine breath phenomenon.....

(and can openly admit they TOO have smelled their bunny's breath LOL)
LOL! I cannot admit that, my boys haven't comeinside since we set the tree up because I didn't want to shock theirsystems with the huge temperature change from outside to inside. Not tomention, our tree is fake. ;)

I have to admit, Spice has a habit of eating pine shavings that I useto absorb spilled water in the winteron the wood boards Iplace on the wire so they don't get water on their feet. But Spicemight bite my nose if I tried to smell his breath. ;)
I tried to smell Benji's breath and he sneezed onme. Only once and I think he did it on purpose. Can bunnies giggle? I'msure I heard him giggling! Anyway, it smelled like rasins. Hmmmmm.....Idon't remember giving him any. And rasins don't grow on trees ya know.Brindle must have lost one though her cage last night and I think Iknow who found it this morning. Benji's got one ear up and one ear downlookin all cute and innocent...:"Wasn't me!":?

Whoever came up with the term "dumb bunny" probably never had one!


My mother has her rabbit cages under pine treesand they do eat some of the needlesocaissonally ,no badeffects yet,they have been there for years so a nibble or two shouldnthurt.bluebird
It is a proven fact that rabbits can and mostoften do GIGGLE, yes indeed-under that cute lil innocentfacade is a snickering intelligent bun!

thanks again every one for your input on my pine chomper, since she wasat it again last night! I am trying to catch the look on her face (withmy non-digital cam)when I say her name JEZ A BELL I swear shelooks so innocent and just waits for me to turn my head 1 degree andright back at it she goes :)

Oh boy! I just can't wait; we are getting ourtree this weekend! Guess where it will be? Yep,Bo's room! *sigh*

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