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Feb 15, 2021
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Has anyone ever dealt with this bacteria in their rabbit?! There’s not much on the internet about it. It’s def plant based. Maybe fruit trees? I’m getting rid of the apple stick and any supplements I have containing fruit. Honestly though I don’t even know if this will help, but I’m at a loss and her vet (an exotic vet) has never seen this before. We are going to treat it with antibiotics, but unless we find the source it’s not going to help! I could just change up her whole diet, but at 9 is that smart? I don’t know! I’m hoping someone here has dealt with this and has answers!!!!
It's something new to me. I think what they were talking about on that old thread you commented on makes sense, about an immunocompromised rabbit being susceptible to something so unusual as this. Maybe try ways to boost your rabbits immune system. Things like probiotics w/prebiotics(bene bac) or adding in some echinacea herb to the diet.

I agree that changing up the whole diet probably isn't a good idea at that age. I think it would cause more problems than it would help. Maybe just eliminate the most likely culprits, like you are already doing.