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Nov 3, 2022
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I'm not a fan of smart phones I find the touch screen awkward to use when it comes to texting and I never have any luck with smart phones they always go faulty or I just happen to get the odd faulty one out of the millions that are made.

I like my old Nokia phones from the late 90s/2000 I bought a couple new old stock Nokia phones with new batteries however some networks they ran from no longer exist or do still exist but are under another name.

For example BT Cellnet is now 02 so any old phone that ran on Cellnet would work on 02

Mercury went from being called Mercury One2One then split and just became One2One, Virgin also came in and they ran from pretty much the same network so any One2One phone would also accept a Virgin Sim card. T-mobile then took over the Network before going overseas then EE has now replaced it. This means any old phone that ran on One2One would work on EE.

Some of you stateside would know at&t which is Vodafone in the UK.

There was a network called Orange. I have no idea where they went to or what name they would be under today. Orange used to be the cheap network back in the late 90s and lots of people used it until it became expensive, then people started moving onto other networks.

There was 3G and most 3G phones were locked to that network some could not be unlocked. A cell phone on 3G was generally a lot cheaper for the same model as one on another network.

There are some newer networks like Tesco Mobile and Asda Network could one those have replaced Orange?
I'm also familiar with some of the American Networks like Bell South and Straight Talk. Then there is Verizon which is either coming to the UK or here already. at&t has always been here in the UK but runs under Vodafone. The UK only has the Cell phone service tho.

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