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Oreo's mom

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Jan 9, 2024
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South Africa Richard's Bay
My Rabbit had a traumatizing experience 2 days ago with a cat chasing him. He is not hurt but since then is not eating and just lying around. Should I be worried
A rabbit not eating for more than 12-24 hours is considered an emergency.

Rabbits digestive systems can shut down and go into GI stasis. The rabbit can then die from starvation if the correct steps aren't taken by getting the rabbit to a knowledgeable rabbit vet for diagnosis and treatment of whatever caused the lack of appetite. Meds and syringe feeds at a minimum, are usually prescribed and given at home, though it depends on the cause and severity, as to what treatment will be needed.
In this case, I'd be extremely concerned about a possible bite or scratch from the cat, that's become infected. Bites and scratches from cats can prove fatal to a rabbit very quickly. I would suggest getting your rabbit to a knowledgeable rabbit vet immediately.

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