Normal to nibble on other rabbit’s face?

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Jul 9, 2021
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Is it normal for one of my bunnies to appear to be nibbling on his sister’s face? In her forehead/nose area. I moved his sister back over with him about two weeks ago; they hadn’t been living together since they were babies. They’re both about 2 years and 5 months old.

His sister seems to be more dominant than he is, mostly because she’s a lot more intelligent. But sometimes it looks like she lays down and he nibbles her face. She doesn’t try to get away or seem distressed, except she will occasionally flinch a bit. When he’s done biting her, she’ll usually lick his nose a few times.

Maybe he’s just not very good at grooming? I don’t think it’s aggression, but I don’t know. His sister is not one to just take aggression, either. She would normally run away or even make noises if another rabbit is bothering her. She appears very relaxed.

Thumper will also normally appear slightly guilty when he’s doing something bad and I confront him. But when I ask if he’s being a good bunny or not, he just kind of side eyes me and doesn’t behave like he normally would if I caught him destroying something or eating the carpet.

Should I just let it go since they both seem to be fine with it? He doesn’t seem to be hurting her much, other than occasional flinches. It just seems weird, because I know what licking vs nibbling looks like.

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