Never has my *bunny* ever

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Iris will cringe her mouth and then run away if she comes vying for my meaty food items.
Never has my BUNNY ever had a partner?
Ah, classic behaviour.
They have gone through so many cords over five years, the four rabbits of mine.

Most casualities occurred on my first year with the first rabbit Musti who held a special love for splitting my earbud wires. He wanted to toss them out his way when i fell asleep with those on. But the poor boy was a french lop who couldn't quite grasp the strength of his bite even if he was being gentle. Those teeth were sharp and these jaws had power!

During (or rather, before) one of my school lunch breaks this fall, Iris managed to crawl through an absolutely small, supposedly barricaded area to get to the only "accesible" cord i couldn't hide any better-the mini fridge. Lady ended up giving me half a heart attack with her burnt moustache and slightly gassy stomach. I was very much late to class because i had to make sure that we didn't need to go to ER...
I then proceeded to get scolded by the teacher for why i was late when she specifically said not to be for the important bit. Lucky enough, she was rather understanding of my reason and guided me through the bit that i missed even if she was a little salty about it.
Next time dad came over, i had us construct and install a proper, solid wooden barrier that Iris couldn't possibly push through again. So far, so good.

Nhmbe given me a shock? (I want to hear some mischief stories)

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