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Mar 11, 2023
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Hi all,
We have a lovely boy ( mini lop mixed with Angora) who is turning 6 years this month.
Around a month and half ago, we noticed he is not putting much pressure on his front right paw. However he can run, jump and eats well. Few days past and we noticed it more. He has been sitting while putting the arm under his body and when he flops to his right side he struggles to get up.

Naturally we took him to a vet who is known for his speciality in rabbits. First thing he examined was any broken bones. He couldn't find anything or any visible sing of injury. He prescribed the pain killer an anti inflammatory med. The med made no difference and after 5 days we took him back again to perhaps perform an xray or any other tests possible.

The vet examined him and told us he doesn't see any point in xray as it would require general anesthtic and as he doesn't believe we are dealing with a broken bones , it's not recommended.

He advised most likely he is suffering arthritis due to his age.and advised to continue giving him the med.

After nearly a month and half, med hasn't made any improvements. The bun eats and drinks well, although doesn't eat as much as before but he seems healthy and in gold condition. He is obviously in discomfort but we don't know how else we can help him.
Everything else is good with him. He runs up and down the stairs fine, jumps in his litter box and stands on his feet.

I attach a photo to show how he holds his front paw in case someone else has seen and experienced this with their rabbit.

Are there any specific tests we can do ? Vet mentioned blood test won't show anything and there is little can be done even if there are torn tendons or muscles. But he does put weight on the foot when he runs. Very confused parents we are

Any help is really appreciated!


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