Mysterious loss of appetite

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Oct 30, 2019
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Hi all, so for most of today- my major foodie bunny, George refused to eat anything. Its very odd, since he will eat literally anything at any time, he has never refused food. When i tried to feed him at one point, he chewed a bit then spit out the greens. He only accepted one treat, but with little enthusiasm. His stomach was soft and not hard at all, he seemed alert and moved around with no troubles. But he still refused to eat and drink water for more than half of the day. I scheduled a vet appointment for him tomorrow, but now he is eating with no problem at all. He is seemingly back to his normal self, but im wondering if i should still be concerned and take him to the vet (mostly to take a look at his teeth, in case it was dental related), or if this happens sometimes and i should just keep an eye on him for the next bit to ensure it was just a one time thing? Again, if this was with my other rabbit, who can be a bit picky with food sometimes and refuses to eat, i wouldnt be as worried but since George loves food more than anything else, its making me question if its something i should be super worried about.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Rabbits can sometimes get an upset stomach, sometimes from something off in their food. Then it can resolve itself pretty quickly as the food passes through the digestion.

I can't say if that's what it was with your bun or if there's something else going on. But usually if there is an underlying issue, then they will continue to feel unwell , behave abnormally, and not want to eat. For my rabbits, I would just continue to monitor to make sure everything stays normal, then go to the vet if problems persist. But if you're at all concerned there's something more going on, then certainly take your rabbit in for an exam.