My rabbit sits really strangely sometimes

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Aug 14, 2023
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I hope this isn't something to be concerned about and him being a funny little guy, but almost always when my rabbit loafs he spreads his legs like this. Is there a reason why? Is he uncomfortable on the floor or is he just weird?


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Never seen one of mine in that position, so no, not exactly normal I would say.
How old is he? Can he hop and stand up normal, and when he sits upright are the legs appr. paralell under his body?
Is it only on this type of floor (slippery?) where he does that? Does he assume a normal posture when peeing and pooping?

One can't tell much just from that one picture, there it looks kinda like Splayed Legs, a congenital condition, it differs how severe it is and if it effects the normal life of the rabbit.
Personally, I would have a vet have a good look at his hips/spine, just to be sure - my last buck developed issues and sitting in a wiered position (different one) was one of the first signs.
He's turning 4 in three months, and he does everything normally (no problems with hopping or standing). When he stands his legs are parallel. I've only ever seen him do it on this floor which I think is slippery for him. He is normal when he goes to the bathroom.
Thank you for your help, I'll try to get him to a vet as soon as I can. It hasn't interfered with his life in any way and he still walks and hops normally though, and he's able to retract his legs back into his body when he sits like that. I'm not sure if that means it's only mild, but I'll still try and check him out. Thank you!
As I said, we can't diagnose from one picture (or at all), If nothing else is off, and it doesn't change with time I don't think there's much to worry. Would check his rear though to make sure there's nothing he tries to sooth by pressing it to the ground, but I never heard of rabbits doing that.