My rabbit is a bag of bones, help?

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Mar 6, 2004
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My rabbit is 2yrs old and she is a house rabbit. I have been really busy at work recently and haven't been giving her all the attention she deserves. Usually when I clean the hutch, she'll hop out and run around the house for a while before hopping back on in for the night. Today when I cleaned her hutch she wouldn't come out, and when I picked her up I noticed how incredibly light she was. She can be a bit difficult and she doesn't like to be handled (she is a Netherland Dwarf) but she didn't struggle. She has tufts of matted fur under her chin and on the inside of her back legs, I washed and groomed her and while she was wet I saw how thin she actually was. She is eating and drinking fine, can anyone help me find out what is wrong with her? I have an appointment at the vets on Monday and I'm scared of what they might tell me.

It's impossible to guess what could be wrong with your rabbit on such a limited amount of information. I would highly recommend a trip to the vet ASAP! Iendorse the useof aproduct called Nutri-Cal, a high calorie supplement, for rabbits who have lost weight, stressedor are ill. You can get this supplement (or a similar product) from yourvet or pet supply store.

I'm sure readers would appreciate restraint in the use of profanity on the board. Adjectives such as "beastly" clearly describe the doe's temperament without resorting to offending anyone. Thank you :)

Pamela Nock ~ ARBA Registrar

Hi Clover,

You would be very wise to follow Pamnock's direction. She's an expert in rabbits.

Your rabbit needs help immediately. I hope the vet can do something.


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