My rabbit has lost his tooth

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Jun 1, 2024
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My rabbit has lost one of his front teeth. He seems happy enough running around and is drinking but he is eating a small amount and although interested in his food, won’t touch much.

Is it just a case of waiting for it to grow back? It looks sore and slightly blood stained.
I’ll try to get a picture
First priority is to keep him eating. I would offer him damp, soft pellets, and maybe cut hay or forage into real small pieces, or give that fine broken leafs etc that gathers at the bottom of a hay bale. Syringe feeding critical care is the next option if he doesn't eat by himself.

Damp pellets or cut up greens spoil rather fast, would replace at least every 6-8h.

Can't tell about the tooth issue, I have no experience with that and would be off to the vet myself.
Like Preitler said, the first thing is to try and get him eating. If you can't get him eating again, or he won't eat very much, and if it's been more than 12-24 hours since this happened and since he last ate well, then it starts becoming an emergency situation where he needs to be seen by a rabbit vet immediately. A rabbit that goes too long without eating well, risks developing GI stasis.

The risk with fractured teeth are that there isn't an opposing tooth to wear down against each other. This can cause the other tooth to overgrow and start causing pain and eating problems. So any tooth overgrowth would need to be filed down every 3-8 weeks, until the broken tooth grows back in and the teeth can then wear naturally against each other. And hopefully it grows back in normally, otherwise regular tooth trims might become necessary.

But more immediately is the cause of your rabbit not wanting to eat. If your rabbit fractured the tooth running into something, the lack of wanting to eat may be from it being painful to chew. This could just be from the broken tooth and the surrounding area being sore, or a more serious possibility is the jaw being fractured as well from the impact.

So if your rabbit still won't eat much and it's been more than 12-24 hours since he last ate well, or you have any concerns, I'd strongly urge you to get your rabbit seen by a knowledgeable rabbit vet right away.

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