My bunny hates hay

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Aug 15, 2019
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long island
The vets had me increase pellets the used to get only a handful a day. They are fixed. Mostly inside I used to let them run and play outside when I was home but after all the illness I have been afaird to let them out in the yard. I can prob decrease pellets now that they are mostly back to eating.. but they went from 13 lbs to 9 and they said that they were too thin
That was quite a wt loss! Scary! I can see why the vet would want foods that can quickly bring them back to the normal wt. My bun just stopped eating his pellets and won't eat them at all. He is battling a bit of stasis. He is eating hay, at least. And gets greens like cilantro and parsley. Seems enough for now. I was looking online for a liquid fruit flavor that I can put in a spray bottle and sprinkle the pellets with or the hay (when he decreased the intake). Maybe a jar of dried mint leaves (ground) to sprinkle on things he is refusing. There is another recovery food they are using in the UK and New Zealand that I am trying to find here, it is super high in fiber (42% v 27% for the ones in the US). It is the DualCare Recovery by Burgess.

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