Meloxicam problems and Gabapentin opinions?

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Jul 5, 2022
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Hey everyone!

I wanted to ask if any other buns have ever had a problem with Meloxicam? Or positive experiences with Gabapentin?

Over New Years my senior bun, Rory, started Meloxicam with Enrofloxacin which suppresses appetite, I stopped Enrofloxacin early because he was eating/pooping/drinking a lot less and did a few feedings of critical care (vet's instruction). I continued Meloxicam a few more days before stopping it too because he was still lethargic and in pain even though he started eating/drinking more again.

Last Friday he got subcutaneous fluids and 1 week of sulcrate to help heal his GI lining and any possible ulcers, he got better but then his mobility got much worse and he's clacking his teeth in pain daily but eating/drinking/pooping great.

I asked vet and she said meloxicam is ideal for arthritis, I could try it again on its own while he's hydrated/eating well and it might agree with him this time, but it's ultimately my call.

If Meloxicam doesnt work he's been prescribed Gabapentin. Sedation and addiction are side effects and from what i understand it's for neurological pain and seizure disorders so it would numb out the pain but numb him out too. I dont want him in pain, but I dont know how his quality of life would be if he feels drugged out and sluggish either...

Anyone had a bun lethargic or in pain on meloxicam? Does the dehydration make likely sense or are there other health conditions that it could be signaling for a bun?
Has anyone tried gabapentin and if so was it good benefit for their bun?

I am planning ahead his end of life care to be fully prepared for when the time eventually comes, but hoping he can be comfortable and enjoy his old age for a little longer!

Thankful to hear any experiences, thoughts or advice :)
I did have one rabbit that was sensitive to meloxicam, but I think it was the artificial sweeteners in it, as any meds with artificial sweeteners caused the same reaction with her. But I have read of some instances of rabbits being prone to stomach ulcers with meloxicam.

I would be very reluctant and cautious about using gabapentin except when absolutely necessary where there are no better options.

Medirabbit: arthritis and the side effects from the use of gabapentin

Another possible option for arthritis might be adequan injections. A past member here, saw very good results from it with his elderly rabbit. But it can take a few weeks to be effective. Myristol pellets (with MSM) might be another option.
Medirabbit: arthritis in rabbits

Here are a few old threads where he talks about the adequan injections.
Vets prescribe those two medicines? Do you buy them at a vet pharmacy or at a co-op? Very curious as my parents used both of those.
Vets prescribe those two medicines? Do you buy them at a vet pharmacy or at a co-op? Very curious as my parents used both of those.

Meloxicam comes as a pre-made suspension for pets (Metacam, Meloxidyl, Loxicom, etc). It's the primary pain reliever used with rabbits, for mild to moderate pain.
Gabapentin will usually be compounded into a suspension by the person's vet, though it can also be done by a regular compounding pharmacy, provided it's done correctly for animals.
That's really interesting. I've had family people members on both of those meds.

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