Lump under chin that’s disappearing

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May 20, 2018
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A couple nights ago while petting him I noticed a lump about half an inch in diameter under my bunny’s chin beneath the skin. It was moveable, not connected to bone or anything, and not visible. I panicked and called the emergency vet office I trust, and they said it wasn’t an emergency and to make an appointment with his regular vet. (I did, and the earliest appt is three weeks away).

This morning I noticed the lump is smaller, and now it’s substantially smaller and has possibly changed shape, like how an ice cube does as it melts. At first I was relieved, until it came into my head what if it was something that ruptured?

He’s acting normal, eating and running around and everything. What is this??

Thank you for your time. Often I think I freak out about nothing, but I’m so terrified of anything happening to him.
It's hard to know until a vet can check it out. It could just be a simple cyst, or it could be an abscess. If it's not getting bigger, and he's eating and acting normally otherwise, it should be fine until your appointment in a few weeks. Though of course if any of that changes, contact your vet right away.

Just so you know what a ruptured abscess looks like, it's pretty apparent, at least an external rupture. Though if it makes you too uncomfortable to look at medical related photos, I would suggest skipping it.

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