Liquid cecals

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Roar, Jul 16, 2019.

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    I really need some help for my bunny Roar. She is a mixed lionhead. She is 3 years old female and not spayed.

    Well she used to be a very calm bunny and lazy too haha. Just a few days back, on thursday(today is tuesday) when i got home, at night i heard her stomach growling. I gave her some belly rubs. She was also not eating her pellets which she was crazy for and i thought she was probably fed up of them as she ate her veggies and her hay just fine. Well the next day she was a little bit more quiet(not lethargic) and then i noticed she started having some liquid coming out of her butt. I panicked and thought it was diarrhea but it smelled like cecals. I called a vet and he told me to give her either Protexin or Critta care for herbivores. I rushed to get it and they only had the critta care which she turned her nose up to. She still eats her hay and drinks water and she still eats her veggies. I still hear her stomach growling but its gotten less than before. I gave her Simethicone (Infacol) which i literally had to force feed her as she hates the smell of it.

    She is still eating her hay and drinking water and her veggies. But the liquid cecals are not stopping. She gets it only in the morning at a specific time and then she gets her normal cecals and poop. Only that her poop is kind of smaller in size compared to what she used to make. Some are smaller some are normal and very few eggshaped. It also smells strongly of onions kind of.

    I gave her some pineapple (the middle hard part too) as i suspected hairballs and today she made some poops with hair in it. Since then her stomach really calmed down from the growling/rumbling.

    She still eats her hay (oaten hay) and drinks her water. I also noticed that when she runs there is like a watery sound.

    Please note that all her poops have hay in them when i break them apart. Even the smaller ones.

    Any advice will be really appreciated :)

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