kipper is getting some meds to treat sneezing and runny nose

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yes we did give him meds without doing cultures, as he has not been exsposed to other rabbits or situations to cause any concerns such as pastuerella. i trust my vet to not question any thing he does. he is one of the best in our area for rabbits and has been treating rabbits for many many years.
I wonder if it could be allergies, you said he gets his nose way into the hay and his food. I'm allergic to the hay and have to keep it in bags in the closet and a tupperware bin.

Could it be anything else? Is he getting under/behind something that could have dust/hair that is bothering him?
we have been trying to rule out things, like liter, hay , certain food..... since starting the benedryl he hasnt sneezed or had a runny nose. he is stuffed up though, so thats what we got the new med for to clear up his stuffed up nose. hubby pulled a bit of hay from out of his nose a few days ago so almost wondering if something is stuck in there.... it was so sudden with the runny nose and sneezing. one day he was fine the next sneezing like mad and the runny nose.
brimmhere wrote:
yes we did give him meds without doing cultures, as he has not been exsposed to other rabbits or situations to cause any concerns such as pastuerella. i trust my vet to not question any thing he does. he is one of the best in our area for rabbits and has been treating rabbits for many many years.

I can appreciate that you trust your vet, but giving meds without doing a culture and trying to rule things out just doesn't sitright. Why would he not take a culture? There are different types of infections that are similar to the symptoms of pasteurella.A rabbit doesn't have to be exposedto an infectedrabbitforthe sniffles tomanifest.

I would really hope that your vet stop the guessing game and just take the culture so that you can definitely rule one thing or another out -especially since rabbits can be sensitive to medications and build an immunity to them.


ok finally got cultures done 2 of them at that, and they have both come back clear from pasteurella, poor kipper has a darn sinus infection!!! he is now being treated with 68 mg baytril daily until it clears up. we are on day 8 of baytril and he has been clear of a snotty nose for 4 days! i plan to keep him on this baytril at least one month to be sure everything is clear.
Awww poor Kipper. I've been fighting a nasty sinus infection, no fun at all. I am so glad to hear he is doing better. Kiss that clean dry nose for me.


Good job, brimmere! Isn't it great to know that it's not pasteurella and that although it's been hard on the little Beauty, you know that it's treatable!

I'm so happy. Kipper holds a very special place in my heart, and you are a very caring and loving Mom to him.

I'm so glad to hear the encouraging news and that you now know what's going on in his system.


Kiss Kipper for me.

:hug:thanks soooo much carolyn!! he is my baby, and i would do anything for him. i was so happy when the vet called with the news i was screaming on the phone LOL i told the vet all along i didnt think it was pasteurella that i thought just a sinus issue,especially being he likes to root his nose into his food and hay. we had pulled a nice size piece of hay out of his nose and when i told the vet about that he said that couldnt be the problem,well guess what LOL i was on the right track hehe but im am sooo super happy for kipper and knowing its very far he is responding extremely well to meds and has been stuffy/runny nose free for 4 days woohoooo

ill give him loads and loads of kisses which im sure he will surely enjoy!!

No, Thank YOU, Brimmhere, for the Excellent News! :balloons:

I know you'd do anything for your charges, especially Kipper. That's why I knew that you'd get to the bottom of it sooner or later.

I'm so glad you had two cultures done. Now the guessing game is over. Iput up a post a long time ago entitled, "Trust Your Instincts". I will always stand by that. That said, when they're showing signs that could be pasteurella and there are other rabbits in the area, you really have to get the test done to know for sure.

So how does it feel to be able to breathe again?

You've got a lot of catching up to do!


Soooo Happy! I was praying for the little guy and was afraid to ask because money is a real struggle sometimes. Thank God we Know our baby's going to be 100% again.


Thank god we got Dr Mark involved...he set things on the right track with the baytril dosage, seems the other vet wasn't prescribing anywhere near enough to kick whatever was wrong...Within a couple days of the right dosage he was responding...I'm so glad he also too the time to talk to Kim on the phone aboout all this. I'll have to be sure to update him when I stop by again!!

That's great that you got to the bottom of it all.
That Dr Mark is an awsome guy!!!

I just got through reading Corkys' story and then I read here that he help Kipper as well. What a :star:
I just read this whole thread, and I'm sooo glad Kipper is on the mend!
A rabbit with allergies can happen - My Muggs was allergic to HAY!! She would sneeze and her ears turned red. The vet told me to treat her with Benedryl and remove the hay - and she was fine!
My Checkers, as you may remembered, suffered from Snuffles. She would be on 2 week courses of Baytril, then off for 2 weeks. I was told when I adopted her that she would most likely be on Baytril for the rest ofher life.
But, I got some advise from a very rabbit savy friend that proved invaluable.
She told me to give her Euchinesa/Goldenseal solution (liquid, childrens formula available at health food stores) with the Baytril for two weeks, and continue it during the 2 weeks she was off Baytril.
She started to improve to the point that I stopped the Baytril after about 2 months to see how she was without it, while continuing the E/Gsolution. After another 2 months I stopped the E/G too - and she was symptom free for almost two years!
The Euchinaesa/Goldenseal enhanced the effect of the Baytril, giving her immune system a 'kick'.
Also, while she was on Baytril I gave her Acidophilis to replenish the 'good bacteria' in her digestive tract that the Baytril most likely was destroying along with the bad pasturella bacteria.
Checkers had a few more bouts with Pasturella and some other problems that stemmed from it, but she lived to be 8 or 9 (not sure ofher age when rescued) which was not shabby since they told me she might live a year or two! And she had a very long, happy, comfortable life,too!
And that is what I wish for Kipper and everyone's buns!
he is doing wonderful!!! only the occational sneezing after rooting his nose in his food LOL no stuff nose though !!hopefully all goes well and this doesnt return!

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