Is my new rabbit a boy or a girl?

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Nov 10, 2023
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I'm sorry for the photo šŸ¤£ but I got a new rabbit yesterday, it is 10 weeks old but the lady we got it from didn't know the gender. She said she thought it was a girl then somebody I know who has experience with rabbits said they thought girl too but they weren't 100% sure. I don't have much experience with rabbits but after watching numerous videos to find out how, I managed to look and get a photo and I'm now thinking it is a boy. I'm just looking for some opinions please. :)20231110_231055.jpg
I would assume Boy too for now, can you take a few more pictures?
i used to breed holland lops and i would say that's definitely a boy from what i could see in that picture :)
Vet told me a long time ago, if it looks like a straw it's a boy--if it is shaped like a triangle, it's a girl. I adopted a "mixed male mini" from the shelter in Tracy about 15 years ago and SHE was really mixed, but not a male--showed them how to determine sex--by the way, that is the Avatar we use as she was a really strange little bunny, sound asleep on her back with all four legs up. Never have seen any other bunny sleep like that and she'd also sleep like that in her hay rack--miss my sweet little girl!
do we to censor this . . . ?
This type of thing is the whole point of this forum, to help people with their rabbits. I won't speak for anyone else, but this does not bother me at all. Yet again, I am a rabbit breeder and I see this type of thing every day. In my opinion, If you don't like it, don't look at it. This is not inappropriate, if anything it is educational.