Is my bunny pregnant?

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Apr 2, 2020
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Mount Wold, PA
I bought two rabbits at an auction. One is a mini Rex male and the other is a very large lop-ear female. I never separated them they've been together for 6 months I have seen my male rabbit humping my female rabbit very often. Although I've never seen him fall off I still believe that they may be successful and breeding. The big issue is I don't know how old my female rabbit is she seems fairly old so I don't believe she's able to get pregnant anymore but my male rabbit is a little over a year old now. I thought she was pregnant a month ago but when she didn't have babies I figured she wasnt but now he is mating with her a lot more often and when I go to touch her belly she runs she never used to run for me she used to let me try to palpate her. When I did so I didn't feel anything. after my male rabbit trying to breed with her for about 10 minutes she's now laying down and seems tired last month when I thought she was pregnant she was also digging a lot in her box so I figured she was nesting but since i didn't have any babies i figured she was not. Please help me!!!!!