Interesting rabbit film on Talking Pictures TV.

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Jan 23, 2020
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Just thought others might be interested to know that on Friday the 20th of November,on Talking Pictures TV there is a short educational film entitled 'Adventures of Bunny Rabbit',a vintage film,possibly shown in cinemas of the time.It shows the efforts of a doe to care for her babies,and should be worth a watch.The channel is available on freeview 81, Sky 328, Virgin445 and Freesat 306. The film is on at 8.50am BST.The channel is a British one but members in other countries may be able to find it(I'm not a technical expert !) Hope this is of interest.
What can you say?!Very much of its time-guessing at 1940's and certainly 'cute,but i hope it wasn't aimed at anyone much over 5 years old or someone with learning difficulties. The narrator sounded as if he'd come straight from a voice over for War Bonds,cigarettes or hair oil!.A little reminiscent of the British 'Tales of the Riverbank' TV series for children,which was narrated by Johnny Morris originally,it has to be said,with much less volume and corn,and a lot more gentleness and charm. With all that said it's a good thing it's been preserved for future generations.Thanks very much for locating it for me.

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