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Aug 18, 2023
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I was the one that takes care of my rabbits stuff and cuddles him when he wants, sometimes my dad gives him food. But if I ever try to hold my rabbit he always tries to escape and not willing to stay but if it's my dad that holds him he's comfortable and stays. What's wrong with me.
The real question is why does your rabbit allow your dad to hold him. Most rabbits do not like to be held, period. They prefer to be pet with their paws firmly on the floor... and only when they happen to be in the mood.

Rabbits are not cuddle toys and really aren't cuddle pets either. They have their definite moods and it takes time to understand their unique body language. They will let us know when they are and when they are not in the mood to be pet.

Take a read at the following site for some helpful tips on getting to better bond with your rabbit.
If you're trying to pick up (or handle) your bunny against their will, it can take some time for them to learn to trust you again. My guess is that your dad has been very careful to pay attention to your bunny's boundaries and not overstep them.

I found this video very helpful for gaining my bunny's trust. It takes some patience but you can definitely do it!

We rescued a female rabbit - abandoned on a country road - that may have come from a mink or fur farm. I took her in for her spay procedure. For the longest time, she would bond and allow hubby to hold her and pick her up, and Regina readily jumped in hub's lap.

A suspicion is that a human female in her past could have conjured up unpleasant and fearful memories wrt handling or if the human female came 'round to remove rabbits from cages.

There is nothing wrong with you.

I saw this at the shelter. Rabbits can detect human hormonal scents, etc.

Our elder gal _gradually_ learned to trust me. Yet for years she would dig, nip, and not allow me to cuddle or hold her on my lap. I got nipped. Hubby? No, Regina preferred hubby's affection.


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