How did my bunny die? :(

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Where abouts are you located? It sounds like calci to me but it's not in the US. It can kill a rabbit within 48 hours of contracting the virus. It is incurable and the rabbit will seem fine and just about normal the suddenly they become lethargic and unable to move.

I've lost many rabbits to this virus and it can have symptoms from 12 to 2 hours before the rabbit passes it is a nasty man made creation to control wild rabbits and I hate it. There is some misconception about how the virus is humane but internal bleeding, seizures and extreme pain is not what I would call humane. I've had rabbits die squealing and seizing in my arms with no power to help them to those who die silently with tears in their eyes. It's cruel and cottontails have become immune to this virus yet they still continue to release annually killing many domestic rabbits in its wake. Every year in Summer I hear tales of lost buns or buns that were fine then suddenly passed. I'm not saying it is calicivirus though it could very well be GI Stasis or another endless list of possibilities! Bunnies are such fragile animals health wise (definitely not on any other way! ;) )an necropsy will tell you what happened.

I'm very sorry for your loss but I hope that knowing he is no longer suffering will take weight of your heart. Know that he is forever running the evergreen acres with other bunnies. You did what you could with the I information that you had. <3 R.I.P little guy.

I lost one of my horses a few months ago she died of cancer she was thirty one. I know how painful it can be. I had her for twelve years, she was perfectly healthy and was still able to be ridden then out of nowhere she just went down vet confirmed that it was cancer her death bought me onto my next horse whom I rescued emaciated and abused. He may be gone but never forgotten take the knowledge you have gained and take it with you for your next adventure just because you couldn't help one does not mean you can't help someone else.
Oh I'm so sorry for your loss! sad. He was very cute! I think that you did what you could.
Binkie free little Jackson &#128542;
Very sorry for your loss. I lost my first bunny suddnely too. He was his normal self the night before he passed. Climbing up my back, being an adorable nuisance, eating and pooping. He had mushy poo now and then which i thought was due to either the treats or too many greens, and since it was not constant issue, just something that happened now and again, i put it down to food, not possible illness. The next morning i found him almost lifeless in his hutch. Took him to the vet but it was too late, they couldn't save him. They did an necropsy but couldn't give an answer as to what had happened as everything looked normal. They said it could have been coccidiosis. So i still don't know what really happened. Sometimes they die suddenly for no apparent reason, or at least not that anyone can see. Very sorry again, it's always very heart breaking to hear.

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