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don't know where to buy bunnies where did you buy your bunnies?
🙂 and how much were they
don't know where to buy bunnies where did you buy your bunnies?
🙂 and how much were they

If you're just looking for a rabbit to be a pet, I would recommend adopting from a reputable shelter or rescue, that has adult rabbits that are already spayed/neutered. This can save you a lot of money (expensive spay/neuter costs) and a lot of frustration that can come with having to deal with an unfixed hormonal rabbit. You'll also be able to better find a rabbit that's a good match for you. Not to mention, being able to help a rescued bun that needs a good home.

Because this conversation is unrelated to the original topic of this thread, for any further discussion or questions, please start your own thread in the appropriate subforum.

Hey Mom To Minx mind if I ask some questions?
Hey sweet bunny
JBun has suggested above starting your own thread in the proper subforum
That way when you ask your question several experienced bun owners will jump in and do all they can to help you with your new bun! There are so many new things you will learn and we are all here for you!
I’m new at this myself and follow the threads daily to see what is out there and to meet other nun owners and to see their precious buns and to learn! You won’t be sorry! You Will be amazed at what you can pick up from other questions that are submitted.
The suggestion of choosing your bun from a reputable rescue is a great one and to give a bun a good home is a wonderful thing to do!
I wish you luck in your choice and many happy binkies in your future! You will never be the same 🐇🐇👏👏🫶🫶👍

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