herb list from Rabbit Health in the 21st Century

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Oct 31, 2011
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Herbal does NOT necessarily imply mild, that it can't hurt, etc.

The list below is taken from RABBIT HEALTH IN THE 21st CENTURY, 2nd ed.

The symbol e in front of the herb name means that it's a plant that most rabbits are willing to eat.
The symbol m in front of the herb name means that it must be administered.

I listed the plant parts to be used, but not how it's to be used. You should be able to figure this out.
Generally it can be eaten as is, but sometimes you can make a tea from the herb. If it's for the skin, you can make a poultice & apply that. A poultice is a paste made with a little water & the herb [usually minced or ground up].

If you buy the herb in the form of a tincture [ie dissolved], I wouldn't get those that contain alcohol unless this is the last hope.


m astragalus, roots at least 3 years old ==> for immune system, especially during chemo or radiation
e birch, fresh twigs ==> diuretic, pain, inflammation
e borage, leaves [fresh], seed oil capsules ==> after steroids to help adrenals
m burdock, root ==> liver tonic, anti-inflammatory, mitigates pesticides
m catnip, leaves, stems, flowers BEFORE seed formation ==> calming, relieves gas, NOT if pregnant or lactating
e chamomile, very fresh only ==> appetite stimulant, de-wormer, for heart, uterus, bladder, relieves gas, fever, infusion cleans eyes BUT try slowly, some rabbits allergic
m chickweed, fresh leaves flowers or stems ==> hairballs, irritated stomach, dry skin Can cause DIARRHEA.
m comfrey, all EXCEPT roots ==> Use ONLY externally. wound healing
m corn silk, ==> urinary inflammation, bile stimulant
e cranberry berries, halved so won't roll ==> urinary infections, vitamin c
e dandelion, all parts ==> liver tonic, many vitamins, flowers slightly analgesic
e dill, leaves seeds & flowers ==> antibacterial, cancer-fighting, flatulence
m eyebright, all EXCEPT roots ==> reduces mucus, eyewash
e fennel, all parts ==> anti-gas, appetite stimulant, good for liver & kidneys BUT some rabbits may become more sensitive to sunlight
m garlic, powder ==> a deterrent on surfaces you don't want chewed up [test for staining etc first]
If the rabbit actually likes the taste, it can stimulate immune system BUT don't give if anemic.
e ginger, root ==> increases potency of other herbs [& meds?], digestion, circulation
m ginkgo biloba, leaves ==> tonic, blood thinner, may be PART of a treatment for e cuniculi
m goldenrod, all ==> kidney stones, kidney function CONSULT vet before using
m goldenseal, root ==> immune system, astringent
e grapefruit, seed extract ==> increases potency of other herbs [& meds?], antimicrobial
m gravel root ==> kidney stones, cystitis
e hawthorn, berries, buds ==> heart problems BUT don't give with Propulsid CAUTION with other heart meds
m milk thistle, powder from seeds ==> drug damage, toxins, mushroom poisoning
e mint SEE peppermint, spearmint
m Oregon grape, root ==> similar to goldenseal, but gentler
e papaya, fresh or dried unsweetened ==> digestion, appetite stimulant
e parsley, all parts ==> relieves gas; helps bladder, kidneys lungs, , may inhibit tumor cell growth
e peppermint, leaves & stems ==> gas, diarrhea, digestion,
e plantain, all parts ==> soothes mucus membranes, slows bleeding
e raspberry, leaves ==> mildly sedative, mildly diuretic, diarrhea
e red clover, flower heads ==> appetite suppressant, thins blood, anti-bacterial, boosts immunity
e rosemary, leaves stems & flowers ==> nasal allergies, stimulates digestion & circulation, anti-bacterial
e sage, leaves stems & flowers ==> stimulates digestion & circulation, anti-microbial, mouth sores, digestive problems
e spearmint, leaves & stems ==> milder than peppermint
e thyme, leaves stems & flowers ==> gas, fever, headache, internal parasites, make a tea for throat
m uva ursi, leaves ==> urinary infections IF used with NSAIDS may upset digestion
e valerian, root [dug in fall] ==> sedative [give small amounts several times daily], improves circulation
e willow, stems ==> reduces pain & fever, similar to aspirin
e wintergreen, leaves or essential oil ==> similar to aspirin
m wormwood, leaves [NOT the essential oil] ==> expels internal parasites, relaxes muscles when applied externally