help, my 3 week old rabbits have poop stuck to their butts a lot

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Nov 7, 2022
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help, my 3 week old rabbits have a lot of poop stuck to their butts, they are still with their mother who gives them milk once a day, they have been eating grass and alfalfa
with my rabbit's babies, I just checked their bottoms every couple of days and just picked off the poop of the ones who needed cleaning. My friend has had a few batches of Kit's born, and he just checks their bottoms every couple of days just to clear away the stuck poop. I think if their poop isn't runny or soft it is fine. We sometimes get a warm damp cloth and give them a wipe to kits that have an extra poopy bottom.
As long as their poop stays firm and their bottoms stay clear, they will be fine
Are they eating any of mom's pellets, or any grain or sugary/high carb treats? Is the poop normal brown, or is it yellowish at all?

If they have mushy poop, I would check them every day to ensure the poop doesn't dry over the anal opening, as that can lead to other health issues developing.
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