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Alley Riggs

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Aug 9, 2019
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Wichita, KS
  1. So i have recently adopted a male hotot dwarf rabbit about 4 months ago. He was house in a garage with a bunch of other rabbits , he had a wire bottom and was not friendly and litter trained. So i got him fixed within the first two months. The issue i am having is that he will pee all over his cage if i place his food and water bowl outside of his litter box. I do not like the idea of having them in his box because he kicks his litter around causing the food and water to get soiled. So the question i have is , what can i do to get him to stop peeing all over the cage if i have the bowls outside the litter box? I clean any accidents with a vinegar and water solution but it doesnt seem to help at all.....


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Jun 2, 2019
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Is your entire cage covered with bedding? That could be confusing to him. Once I removed all of the bedding from my rabbit's cage except for his litter box he started using his litter box religiously. The rest of his cage is just bare plastic. He has a fleece lined play pen and he never has accidents. (My female is another story though, none of these tricks have worked for her.)

If he really does prefer that his food and water dish be located in his litter box then you can buy dishes that mount to the cage bars. They may still get litter in them but they won't get spilled.

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