Grunting at the broom?! Coming of age behaviour?

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Feb 5, 2020
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Norfolk, UK
Hi guys,

this may seem like a stupid question to some.....

My Frenchie is nearing 16 weeks. I was cleaning out his living quarters like always with the broom and dustpan and brush. He first seems a little more cheery and bouncy (which is great), but he's began to chase/charge maybe? at the broom whenever I use it. It's not just the broom however it's the small brush that goes with my dustpan too. I don't mind this of course as long as the behaviour is normal bun bun behaviour. He accompanies his chases with grunts sometimes nipping gently at the broom bristles or rubbing his scent on them. It's quite cute to watch actually even though it's extending my clean up time lol

I just wanted to double-check that this is coming of age behaviour? and not something else. It literally happened overnight which is why I was so shocked lol

Thanks in advance :)


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Jan 6, 2020
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Bay Area, CA
Totally fine! Your bun bun is merely telling the broom to get out of his territory lol. My rabbit is fine with me cleaning out her box, but once in awhile she'll charge at my hand and vocalize that she wants me out. I just push her little butt out of the way and carry on.

They're just moody little floofballs. :p

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