goodbye Commander Bun-Bun

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Where does the time go? 13 years since you left us. You were our very first and the reason we have rescued and re-homed 49 others. Wish you'd have been with us longer. Rest in peace my sweet girl and binky free.
May she always be remembered as the first of many good little steps.
Hi again my little girl--hard to believe you left for the bridge 14 years ago. "Tempis fugit, moment mori". I still remember how tiny you were when we first rescued you and how you came to "boss" of the house and your favorite spot under the piano or how you'd push my feet out of your way so you could lay on the floor in front of my chair. Still a pain in the heart and miss you so darn much.
RIP and binky free little bun
Hi again my furry little boss. Another year gone by without your bossy little presence in our life. We still think of you as our one ear bunny, because it took something out of the ordinary for you to put up both at the same time. Still miss you occupying the arm of my chair. So many wonderful memories of our very first bunny. Til next year, sweety.

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