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Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
June 23rd was and always will be a sad day for us. Our very first rescued Rabbit, Commander Bun-Bun was very sick, and passed away despite all of our efforts. We had her for a very wonderful six plus years, so we guess she wasn't a youngster, but it was still hard. She's had a problem with GI Stasis in the past a couple of times, but this time she just didn't recover no matter what we and our wonderful Vet staff tried to do. We will always remember her as a 5 pund bundle of alpha Rabbit. Whenever you went into "her" room, she would run over to you and grunt just to let you know she was the boss. When she was out and about, she lay right at our feet if we were sitting in a chair watching television or using the computer. She would race around the house like a fur covered missile jumping and kicking and make banked turns off of the furniture. Her favorite spot was in front of the sliding door were she could see everything in the backyard and the family room. She will always be rememberd by us as the rabbit that started up our rescue efforts and will be greatly missed--but we will always cherish the many memories we have of our "Commander". Larry & Nancy



She sounds like she had quite a personality! What a wonderful bunny to have in your life for 6 years full of sassiness, foot cuddles, and speeding around the house! You are blessed to have known her and she was blessed to have a family like yours.

Binky free, Commander Bun-Bun. :bunnydance:
I'm so sorry for your loss.

It's hard when they do leave our lives... when they leave us for the Rainbow Bridge..they leave this big bunny shapedhole in our hearts....that seem's to stay there forever.

But it's sounds like Miss Commander Bun Bun had a good life with you...she sounded like she was such a character..and so well loved and spoiled.

She's looking down on you..remembering all the love and good time'sthat you had shown her.

Rest in peace sweet one

Cheryl:pink iris:
I'm so sorry:(.

...binky free Commander Bun-Bun

Oh, I am so sorry Nancy and Larry.:tears2: Commander Bun-Bun sounds like she was a very special bunny.

Binky free little lady. :rainbow:
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss:(. I know how hard it is. I've lost two myself. Oddly enough, my first one was named Bun Bun and I later started calling him Commander Bun Bun, how weird is that? Hopefully, my BunBun has taken your Commander Bun-Bun under his wing;).

She does sound to have had the best personality ever.

RIP Commander Bun-Bun:rainbow:
I am so very sorry for your loss. :(

Sounds like she had quite a special personality, that made her Commander Bun Bun. She had six wonderful, very loving years with you and went to the bridge knowing how much she was loved by you and Larry.

:pink iris:
She wasn't our first to pass this veil, but it doesn't become any easier--we think each time is a little bit harder, as you lose a piece of yourself. Sort of like having some of your time stolen away. Commander Bun-Bun was our first ever rabbit. She was the one that started us rescuing rabbits from the grisly edge at various so called animal "shelters". Plus, she had such a unique personality. When she was out and about and you walked into her room, she would run over to you and grunt and stare, just to let you know who was the boss. She was truly our "commander"--thanks for the note of sympathy, it helped a lot. Larry and Nancy
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. She sounds as though she was quite the character and knew what she wanted. I'm pleased that she had a wonderful life with you, and was loved and cared for.

God bless, Commander Bun - Bun

like to thank everyone for their sympathy. It's still hard to believe our "commander" is gone. She was one tough little bunny girl, always in charge of the room and never at a loss to let you know she was the boss. We still look at her pictures every day and tell her how much we miss her. I have read several other posts here on the "bridge" and my heart goes out to everyone that loses a fur baby--no matter how much we try, even with the help of rabitt-savvy vet staffs, we can't win them all. Thanks again everyone--Larry
hi my little girl--just added some pictures of you so everyone can see what we've been missing these many months. This is still very hard for us. Good night little girl.
just thought I'd step by and "HI!" my little girl. It's funny, but when you were alive, we didn't think of you as small. You were just so full of life and yourself, and always in charge of any room you were in. We miss you a lot little one. Dad :cry1:
Today it's been a year. We still miss you very much and look at your pictures every day. Even added some "new" ones to my screen-saver of you. Binky free at the Bridge little girl. Larry and Nancy

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