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Jun 29, 2022
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So I’ve had a lot of health issues with my dwarf papillon Boba. She is 11 months old now and she’s going through stasis again. She was taken to the vet and put on fluids. She’s been sent home on Reglan, Metacam and cisapride. She’s been taking cisapride colon rescue and panacur routinely as she has a spine deformity that affects her ability to urinate properly and it keeps her cecum from rotating properly. Her vet described it as her spine looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. She was doing great for the last two weeks on medication and she got stasis again. She’s been pooping and flopping since she’s been home it’s been 24 hours now and she hasn’t been drinking on her own or peeing. Her stool is very soft and moist. She hasn’t had a ton of energy but played a little bit. I’m just worried about the peeing and not drinking. I’ve given her critical care and 25mls of water today as well as I’ve been wetting her greens. She’s only wanted to eat her pellets and alfalfa since she’s been home, I’ve been trying to feed her Timothy hay and orchard but she has been refusing. Her vet has her eating the alfalfa for extra gut support. What should I do about the peeing/drinking?
She’s had so many health problems so young I’m not sure what to do


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Cute bunny. When Dutchess has GI stasis, I also give her simethicone and hand feed her greens to get her eating. Hope Boba is all better soon.
Force feeding critical care and water is what we have had to do. The meds they sent you home with is what we have been given in the past. Sometimes it takes time. Pooping is a good sign.

Once you get past this you might try giving her some probiotics. One of our rabbits Lola (also a dwarf) is over 10 years old and she had had issues with stasis more than a few times. Since we have been giving her a probiotic it has seemed to stop. We usually give it to her every third day.
Miley sometimes has the occasional bout of statis. We've been giving Emeprid which seems to work if you can get it from your vet? Along with syringe feeding with a probiotic added in (we've used fibreplex and bio lapis) and making sure she is getting plenty of exercise. Best of luck, its horrible when they're poorly 😢
If she's not drinking, she'll need to continue to have warm water syringed to her, carefully and slowly to minimize the risks of aspiration. Or you'll need to have your vet give sub q fluids if she gets too dehydrated. What's the 'colon rescue', and is there a particular reason the vet has her on panacur? With her urinary issues, are there any signs of her having bladder sludge problems (creamy or gritty urine)?
I notice that you posted a thread several months ago about your rabbit producing odd shaped poops.
Sorry you didn't get any replies at the time. I was wondering if she still has those irregularly shaped poops, and on a consistent basis? Because if she does, there's a different problem going on here, that's a likely cause to some of the ongoing health issues that you're encountering with her. It's something called megacolon. It's a genetic digestive disorder that 'Charlie' colored rabbits(mostly white w/some spots) are most susceptible to having.

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