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Yeah, I do. I'm breeding rabbits though. I try to have 2 productive does, when one gets retired she of course stays with the herd, and I select one of the doelings that gets along with everyone else as her successor.

Right now I have to pick two, Lotte is dead, Ruth 5yo and about to be retired. There are more that I would like to keep though, *sigh*, too many exceptional characters. Some even earned their names, which I usually try to avoid, like Pipi (Langstrumpf), an very independent escape artist that ignored the fence, first to cross the brook twice to just get around the fence, but doesn't run away and isn't shy, and after many hours of chasing her down we got an agreement that I'm not mad about her getting out of the fence, and her going home when I tell her to.
Or Torti, one of the kits I raised by hand after Lotte died. And then there is one sweet kit from Ruth and Pacino - last chance for this genes since I got Pacino neutered...
Bucks, well, I pretty much stumble on those. First one was Dicker, which I bought as a doe, then Herr Hase who unfortunatly had health issues, then I got Pacino from another breeder down the road but wasn't too happy about his genetics, got him neutered since he is my house Bunny and his constant persuasion of his cuddlebun Dotty got unbearable. Then I caught Hansi in a thicket after he had escaped yet another breeder down the road weeks ago.
In all those 12 years of having rabbits I only had 2 that didn't get along at all, and those were the first two does I got. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that way with what I know today.

Rabbits are seriously addictive though.

TPBM has been to several foreign countries?
Nope, no, we don't have mountains that high here in Austria. But I love mountains, I spent 3 summers of my childhood, from 6 to 8, on high pasture in Carinthia, at appr. 1800m, in a cabin without electricity, running water or a road leading there, my grandparents were cow herders up there. If you know that vintage Heidi series, pretty much exactly like that. Best years of my life, I guess.
I do go on lower mountains now and then, but nothing beyond 3000m.

Only times I got higher than 14000 ft was in gliders, wave soaring, as passenger though, not PIC. Up to 6000m, we did need oxygen up there. And it was fricking cold.

TPBM has no TV, or streaming service?
Did a lot of traveling in the military, some very nice and some very scary in planes, jets, and helicopters . Have done a lot of traveling after the military to places I wanted to go to visit museums and a lot of historic sites. The only continent I have not been to is Antartica (do not like that cold white stuff) and Norway was more than cold enough! TPBM likes to visit museums!

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