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true! have blueberries, raspberries, and occasionally black berries!

TPBM has a three legged bunny 🐰
Nope, never had one. If my first bun's living will would've been stronger, he could've become a young healthy tripod. I would've loved it but his system probably wouldn't've handled the healing that he would've gone through.
Still, i feel more experienced now to properly care for a tripod if i ever happen to start having to take care of one.
Very allergic--switched from Timothy to Orchard Grass. TPBM likes to hike and camp in the wilderness. Some of the best trout fishing was 50+ miles from any road.
The idea sounds wonderful but i haven't gotten around to doing it in a very long time. There's always something that gets in the way, mostly distance and time.

Tpbm, how do you feel about bugs?
I've recently discovered the amazing flexibility of earwigs' wings and how absolutely gorgeous moths can be.
I do not like bugs of any kind, except the occasional butterfly. I am allergic to bees so i don’t like them much either…

TPBM what is a name you would love to call a future bunny or pet?
I would definitely call my future bunny Hazel!

TPBM, You love taking your rabbit on car rides and little adventures?
Not sure. I'm not familiar enough to take a stand on the matter.

Tpbm, do you also hate when you're talking to someone (new person) about your pet rabbit and they make a joke/imply on how they would make for a nice meal?
That really changes with time and mood, now I hear a lot Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Arch Enemy etc. Linkin Park have great songs too.

TPBM also dreads the days getting shorter rapidly, mourns another summer that whizzed by too quickly...
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Not really--it's supposed to be a cool 101 F today, and, the overnight temp is in the high 70's instead of 90's. I'll be able to finish the outside painting next month. TPBM has an aquarium (we have 6)
Just my single bunny lady Iris, who is scheduled to move to my place at the end of the month. AAH, i can't wait!

TPBM, ________?
I remember it being an absolute mass favourite when i was an early teenager. I do find most slimes' textures off-putting. Sensory issues are not fun.

Tpbm, what's your favourite song and what do you like about it?
No, not me. A schoolfriend of mine lives there, and the stories he tells... Nope. Not going to set a foot on that ground.

TPBM has a vegetable garden
I do!
I desperately want another buddy for my lady and would drive (or rather, have my dad drive us or get a taxi to (almost)) the end of the earth to safely get her a bunny date. It is churning me up daily that up to half of the week i'm gone for 13 hours at a time and sadly i am powerless to do anything about it. Having to live and manage finances all on my own during vocational college sure is tough and has my hands tied on most occasions.
I need to hang on a little longer.... hopefully our country's first ever rabbit rescue will have some fella up for adoption soon so that i could "dump" my lady there for them to do the bulk of the bonding for me.

Does TPBM have an easier time/more options whenever their bun needs a new friend?

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