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Sep 9, 2013
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Southern CA
i purchased a brand new bag of KAYTEE timothy hay for the bun, set it out for him as normal. a few days later, my bf noticed foxtails on my carpet, since we also have a dog running around the house, this was a major concern, we figured one of us had tracked it in, but upon closer inspection, we noticed the bunny's hay was full of them. we must have picked out about 20 in less than 10 min..

can that be a danger if he already ate one??
Their just seed heads from grass.

High in starches and sugars, just watch out for tummy upset as with ANY seed heads in your hay. Most rabbits will be fine.
But foxtails are supposed to be bitter so likely your rabbit will just leave them alone.
They are dangerous!

I know this is an old post, but it came up in my internet search on the subject. I had never seen these seeds before. Hopefully my story can help others.

Took my bun to the vet today thinking he had conjunctivitis, but it was a foxtail seed burrowing into his eyelid. They had to flush the eye, and extract it. If it had gone much deeper he could have lost the eye.

If you see these seeds in your hay, get rid of it.