Found! Rosie's fifth bunny

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Feb 21, 2006
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Okay, so I don't know if you guys remember, butmy husband did agree that we could have TWO more bunnies...and I'd onlydecided on adding Daisy to the list.

Well, today, in thinking about it, I realized (and called to confirmwith my husband first) that I could ask Peg (TinysMom) if she had acute little buck that was really sweet, and mild in manner.So, I talked to my husband, got his okay, and low and behold, Peg cameonline! :D

In asking Peg if she possibly had a little buck that met my description(and I added that I would prefer he be from Daisy's litter, to betteraid bonding later on, and that I wanted someone particularly sweet andlovely), and she said she know JUST the guy! She said that,in fact, she'd been wondering recently whatever she would do with thesweetie! So, it was kismet!! She sent me pictures,and I fell immediately in love with the little guy! :D

I showed my husband pictures of the little sweetheart when he got home,and the first thing out of his mouth (after some aww's...yes, I havehim hooked on bunnies, hehe!) was, " about adustbunny! Can we train him to go under the couch and roundup all the other dustbunnies living under there??"

Right then and there, I knew the PERFECT name for this little guy:Dusty!! :D You'll see what I mean by hispictures. He even looks like a Dusty! :)

So, here's the plan: both Daisy and Dusty will be arriving hereprobably sometime in September (hopefully sooner, but that's mostly dueto the airline she uses not being able to fly during the hot, Texassummer months), but that'll be perfect timing because both Dusty andDaisy will be altered on Peg's end and all healed up and bonded beforethey even reach that plane. They'll be flown together(probably in a airline-safe cage that is for two, separated bunnies,but one big cage...if that makes sense). This September datewill also give us plenty of time to get the girls spayed (Maisie andFlower...Trixie's already spayed), and they'll get here at the sametime, so we can begin bonding after their two weekgetting-used-to-a-new-house-and-new-people time period.

So........without further ado........

Here's Dusty!!







And another note, for those wondering...due to the space we're in, andvarious things I've hit up against, we will be holding onto our dreamof adopting shelter bunnies for when we have an actual house...and anactual room for everyone to live in. :)

Hugs to all!

Rosie & the Crew :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:
Ahhhh!! He's just as cute as Daisy!:inlove:

Congratulations Rosie!:party0002: This is such great news, I'll betyour just counting down the days until the two of them comehome:waiting:

I can hardly wait!

I can also hardly wait to get a bunbun from Peg! I hope it will be within the next two years.

Daisy and her brother, Dusty, are just amazingly adorable!

- Amy (Mallory, Morgan, and Madilyn-Mae):hearts
awe.. dusty is so cute and i love the name.congrats on finding your 5th. you are lucky:) i wish i could have atleast one more. that is a lot to take care of but you'll enjoyit.:great:
He is amazing!! Im so excited for you. Wait till you get these guys, lionheads are so much fun!

Congrats Rosie and Peg!
Perfect name!! I love when the name just hits you. It fits perfectly!!


What I hadn't had a chance to tell Rosie yet -was that when I was taking his photos - I was trying to play with him abit and I said something like, "I'm gonna call you dustbunny or dustmopor something" and he just sat and looked at me and then he scratchedhis ear almost as if he was thinking about it.

He has some of Daisy's spunky attitude but he really is a sweetie. WhenI go in to feed them...he almost always greets me at the door and waitsnicely for his food. He even lets me pet him on the head while I'mreaching in for the food bowl - I can't do it afterwards 'cause Daisyis usually trying to shut the cage door on my hand so she can go jumpon top of the food and own it all.

Thanks, guys!! He's such acutie-pah-tootie...yes, this'll be a LONG wait.'sworth it for everything falling into place the way it should.:)

That's so funny, Peg!! The MOMENT we saw him, we KNEW thatwas his name, and he has such a sweet little Dusty face, too.:)

I'm so excited!! Our clan is complete...for now. Istill intend on getting that Flemmie, and rescuing lots of shelterbunnies, but will wait for anymore additions for when we actually havethe space for them all when we get a house. :) (Theonly reason we're getting new additions now, is because the way we'redoing it, we won't have to add anymore cages to the floorspace.)

So there ya go...five bunnies. The way I figure it, I've gotthree...two more won't make a humongous difference. We've gotour plan all worked out as to what we'll do if only the two groupsbond, or if Maisie doesn't want a bunny pal(s) name it.Bottom line, we've got PLENTY of cage space for five bunnies...soeveryone will live happily ever after, no matter which way everythingworks out. :)

Next step in the plan: spaying Maisie and Flower (in that order, soMaisie gets the maximum amount of time for hormones to leave her systembefore the babies get here). :D

That step of the plan will take place probably in June (we estimateit'll take about a month to get the Contractor's License, and we shouldsee a good rise in income within a couple weeks of having it, becausewe already have a few customers waiting for us to receiveit). Maisie first, with a month to heal, means Flower will bespayed sometime in July (probably mid-July). I think it'llgive them both plenty of (and almost a perfect amount of) time fortheir hormones to leave their systems.

I'm nervous about getting them spayed. I'm going to beposting things (and bumping to be sure everyone's given a little pieceof advice that can) so I can compile my list of things I'll needto-hand after their spays. I don't want anything name it, we'll have it JUST IN CASE. With Maisiehaving almost gone into GI Stasis with Flower's addition to thehousehold (and the eating of a bit of handbroom, that stinker), I don'twant to take any chances on her not eating. We'll haveeverything on hand that we could possibly need.

Thank you guys for your love and support!! Who knew havingbunnies could be such an amazing adventure?? :DWhy, THEY DID, of course!! :) It's one of the manysecrets bunnies have....

Love to all,

Rosie & the Herd :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:

maherwoman wrote:
I'm nervous about getting them spayed. I'm goingto be posting things (and bumping to be sure everyone's given a littlepiece of advice that can) so I can compile my list of things I'll needto-hand after their spays. I don't want anything name it, we'll have it JUST IN CASE.
I'm nervous about my girls to, it's gonna be soon, I'm terrified.There's gonna be a lot of Spaying topics between the two ofus;)Hopefully all our girls will do well, and BOND!!afterwards:pray:

yes yes yes...I hope it all turns out well...and here's hoping bonding happens nicely!!


Happy Bunny Dance wishes to you!!

Thank you!

I honestly don't consider it much work at all, though. Ireally enjoy doing the things that I do with my girls.They're so sweet...and I just love that they love to communicate withme while I'm giving them more hay, pellets, etc. They'rewonderful...such darlings. They're wonderfulness is whatpromotes me to get more. Hehe! :D

ani-lover wrote:
awe.. dusty is so cuteand i love the name. congrats on finding your 5th. you are lucky:) iwish i could have at least one more. that is a lot to take care of butyou'll enjoy it.