Flea treatment on rabbits?

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Dec 13, 2013
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I have a rabbit that gets dermatitis from fleas and I can't see to get rid of them. I've knocked down the amount but can't seem to get completely rid of them.

Any suggestions?
Dust your rabbit with 5% carbaryl insecticide (a common brand name is 5% Sevin Dust) working the dust down through Bunny's thick fur to the skin. Bunny might try to lick some of it off; assuming he doesn't go overboard, this is probably all right. Most of the powder is just a carrier agent, and there's very little of the active ingredient in the mix. Another important warning "There are "all natural" flea powders sold at many pet and health food stores and in catalogs. These powders mainly contain pennyroyal (very poisonous), peppermint, eucalyptus or other herbs. Do not assume that these are safe just because they are in a health food store or are herbal. Herbs and "natural" products contain chemicals, such as the chrysanthemum derivative pyrethrin, designed to kill insects or fungi; they can also have lethal effects on mammals. Some of these herbs may even be safe for humans to eat, but can kill rabbits." You can also take a flea comb before you put the powder on to get the eggs and the living fleas.

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You have to treat the environment where your rabbits live in order to get rid of them; otherwise treating the rabbit is only temporary. That would include the yard, carpet, bedding and other pets.
I used Revolution for Kittens, it did the trick as far as I can see. Costs a bit, but one dose lasts a month so it's an easy and fairly cost-effective solution overall. The product is also supposed to kill fleas in the rabbit's environment, I don't know how effective that really is long-term though.
Thing is I have twelve other rabbits (flea free) four cats, two dogs, guinea pigs and horses too. It's not easy to treat every single animal and near impossible to treat the environment, the area I live has a serious insect problem we have heaps of flies and fleas. But weirdly enough everyone is flea free but this one particular rabbit. I will be getting an Advantage dosage from the vets when I get the chance to get there but there is a lot of commemorations going on in my town so there is an over abundance of people driving on the roads at the moment and it's near impossible to get anywhere. So I need a quick fill in until I get the chance. I wish I could give him what I have left over of my ivermectin based Equimax wormer but unfortunately I can't.

I've been diluting flea shampoo and scrubbing it into his coat and leaving for five minutes then rinsing him off under the tap. Which is completely stress free for him, the only time water comes in besides on a wet cloth is when I rinse him off, which takes about a minute then he gets blow dried, which he enjoys more then he probably should. I've also been using this shampoo on all my animals ( but my horses!) for years never had an issue with anyone. I rarely wash my rabbits unless it's a bum bath or feet wash and that is the soap I use.