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May 2, 2005
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thanks Connie...when I took Raph to the vet about his legs not long after I got him, his opinion was that there wasn't a whole lot that could be done, aside from pain management - if and when he was showing signs of it - or surgery. To have his legs corrected (assuming there is also no problem involving the spine as well), I was told at minimum it would cost approx. $500-$600 per leg...not including the cost of any medications and x-rays. Even if I did have the money to go ahead with it, I'm very hesitant about any surgery on Raph after losing Scooby to a routine neuter.

My vet didn't say so directly, but he gave me the impression that if it was his decision, he would simply put him to sleep. So the final decision I made with Raph was to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as I can. And until now he'd been doing well...except for one week back in the summer (when he startled and ran, dislocating his leg) he has been pretty much pain-free. So I'm hoping that this is episode is just a flare-up, and that will ease off on its own.

Right now I'm keeping Raph confined to his cage in the daytime - before this he was allowed to roam around while I was at work. And in the evenings I let him out but I monitor him. He's been pretty quiet...he doesn't hop around as much as usual...but at least I have noticed that after giving him an aspirin, he is more alert. So at least that is helping him.