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Oct 12, 2019
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Never encountered any other person from my country, but i still thought that i might mark out the places that i've stumbled across and heard about.

Vetdok animal clinic- all three of my boys got neutered there and had no problems. With a nice, affordable tag of only 45EUR i am more than happy. They also vaccinate for myxo, it is 20EUR, a bit more expensive but we ain't spending the same amount of money on fuel to get a vaccine of 7EUR 130km away. The vet there tries his best, but well, he's not really knowledgeable about rabbits, with Lümi's white snot i was asked why i'd brought him in at all. There's also the problem of language barrier- we don't speak medical russian and he doesn't know medical estonian. So in short- nothing but vaccines and neuters.

Sodalis animal clinic- Lümi went there for his pasturellose treatment, the vet is super nice and considerate, handles buns well and it is overall a nice place. I believe that place can handle most issues more important than a single vaccine, but if they end up referring us elsewhere, i understand. There were some rabbit-related informational posters in the inspection room. They ended up referring us to another clinic for an additionsl inspection later down the line though. Moderately pricy but i believe it is well warranted. I've seen other rabbits in the waiting hall.

Fik clinic- i have made a mental note to stay far away from that place. How it has managed to stay in business for 20 years in super crammed spaces by the edge f the town is a mystery to me. The vet there was literally an old man, talked some weird stuff when we went there with Musti's abcess issue. He was given some 60EUR shot, we weren't explained what it was, and we were sent back home just like that, being told that the foot would heal on its own. Looking back in hindsight, i lament as i failed to notice how uncomfortable Musti was in that vet's care. Google reviews were mixed as well. After that experience i really had to stop myself from writing an ultra long totally negative text about that place. Really, there were no redeeming qualities.

University of life sciences' clinic- the place we ended up being referred to. They handled the situation well, although i don't know why, the place left a bit of a weird feeling. Must've been the interior or the quarantine times. One thing noted about this place is that they had the examination room's walls covered with rabbit-related stuff. What to feed them, the thin-o-meter, common health problems, illustrated pain indicators... It is the priciest of them all, but it has the workers listed and the vet is specifically mentioned to be specializing in ''exotic animals.'' I also saw a ferret coming to that place right after our visit.

Petcity clinic in the capital city- now we've never been there in person, no issue has warranted a three-hour-drive through hectic capital traffic yet. Well, Lümi's last one would've, if we'd gotten onto it erlier and found a driver. Bet the bill would've been massive but oh well, the past it is. Still, all the petcity clerks (even one who has a bunny of her own) have told me that this place is the best in the chain, and looking at their webpage, it is the only clinic where their exotic vet is resident. It is also THE only emergency vet in our country.

Any other vet we've contacted with have said that they do not deal with rabbits.

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