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Love your bunnies' blog!!!!! Enjoyed reading about all your buns & the pix are just beyond adorable! Keep on blogging! :goodjob:hearts:
:dunno What, me?
I just kept hoping you all wouldn't care if I invaded your blogs with my pictures.

Hey, I welcomed any and all bunny pics in my blog, lol - it serves my naughty little bunns right to have the spotlight taken away from them now and then! I like to rub it right in their precious little faces.

Nah, they're not so cute now :p Most animals are cuter as babies. I think they are designed that way so that we still love them despite all the work that babies require.

It's definitely a defense mechanism and I suppose they do lose that *squee* factor to some degree as they get older... but even adult bunnies are still so freaking cute! There were a lot of *squee*s at the pet store today as people looked into the front of my stroller and realized it was full of bunnies, hehe. To people who aren't accustomed to seeing bunnies day in and day out, little dwarven adults are apparently just as adorable as itty little babies :p. Of course, Nala and Gaz ARE a bit on the "extra cute" side - they kind of have to be to make up for all their naughtiness.
Jenny, OMG, I´d forgotten you had so many and I absolutely love them all. I had to do a double take at Dash in that photo, he reminded me so much of Snowy, he often lies like that. It is so great to see a picture of each and the story of how they came to be with you. I am going to have to read it all again just so I can remember who is who. Baby buns are just so super cute, how could you not love them although grown up they haven´t lost any of that ahhhh factor.

I have loved it so far and I never minded your pics on mine but I love the stories to go with them. Glad you took the plunge and will love reading more about all these lovely boys and girls.
Jenny, I've wondered how you know so much about caring for rabbits. I guess all those rabbits have taught you a thing or two!! :bunny24
Since Pip was pregnant when I got her and I decided to keep almost all of the babies, having the same breed was unavoidable. Telling them apart is just like with any animal that looks similar to others, you just get to know each individual one and also any slight differences they may have. Though I have to say that as Libby has gotten older, she is getting a little bit more difficult to tell the differences with between her and her mom, though the personality always clues me in. Libby is a bit more willful than her momma :p

I have a room just for my rabbits, where I keep them all. Dakota and Flopsy are bonded, I'm in the process of bonding another pair(Toby and Riley), would like to bond more of them when I find the right match for them and when I am able to get the rest of them fixed. The bonded pair shares an area, the other buns have their own pens, and they all get playtime.

I figure I use two 40 lb bags of wood pellet litter a month and about a bale of hay for eating, and some in the litter boxes, per month.

I agree Larry, it is like a fulltime job! 11 is hard sometimes, I can only imagine what 18 would be like.

Thanks for answering! You just touched on something else I was wondering - whether they were all fixed - so that kind of answers all my questions pretty much :biggrin2: I'm horrible with telling similar things apart - faces, animals, etc. - unless I have some sort of system in place, so it's really amazing to me!
Oh wow, I didn't realise you had quite so many bunnies :D They are all such sweet looking things, even though I know with bunnies that looks can be deceiving! Thank you so much for introducing us to them all, it's good to hear a bit about them all and where you got them from. I have enough trouble cleaning up after one bunny, let alone 11, lol.
Thanks everyone for the kind words! And yeh, having more rabbits definitely does give you a crash course on all sorts of rabbit related problems.

Sorry Morgan, I'm not very good about updating this blog thing.... Flopsy used to weigh around 8 lbs, though I suspect he's gained a bit since I had to increase pellets and alfalfa to help keep Dakota's weight up. He's certainly taking advantage of the situation :p You're right though, it's easy to forget Roo isn't one of the baby bunch, since she just blends right in with them and looks like Riley's twin. I love this picture of the two of them, not long after I got Roo. Riley sort of became her big brother for a few weeks.


I love Penny's racing stripe too! And Penny is just the sweetest happiest bunny.

Yeh Jennifer, good thing our buns are cute, or how would they ever get away with all their naughty behavior.:)

So I've decided to attempt to bond Penny with Flopsy and Dakota. I know, insane! Dakota is the biggest grump ever, and I was convinced that Flopsy is the only bunny alive willing to put up with her, but I was feeling so bad for Penny. Because she is my rescue bun that came when I already had a full house, I didn't really have room for her and just kind of squeezed her in, so she doesn't have very much space. I had hoped to bond her and Baby, but they've decided they are mortal enemies and instantly go into attack mode when they see each other. And Penny seems to get aggressive with all the little bunnies.

But Dakota and Flospy have plenty of room, and I hadn't really tried Penny with them, mostly since I had figured it would never work with Dakota being such a nippy rabbit, and Penny turning out to be pretty nippy(with other rabbits) too. But it seemed worth a shot. So I brought them to a neutral area to give it a try, and it actually went better than I expected. Neither Penny nor Dakota was terribly aggressive towards each other, and whenever Dakota would lunge for a nip(which she does a lot, partially because of her bad eyesight), I would intervene as I knew that if I didn't, it would escalate and then it would never work out. So I just did the momma bun thing and held them down to stop the nipping, then started giving nose rubs to both of them while they were nose to nose, so that they could start associating good things with being near each other.

I know at some point I'm going to have to allow some more nipping so they can sort out their relationship. I've done three sessions so far and they're still going well. Dakota has got a few nips in, but Penny doesn't go after her and just runs away. I think she's just trying to figure out how it is with Dakota, which is something she will need to sort out if she is going to be able to bond with the two of them. Basically she needs to learn what Flopsy did, that most of the time it's best to hop away and avoid Dakota when she's grumpy, and sometimes stand up to her and dish it back when she is going overboard with the grumpy girl routine.

So this was the second date, and this is how it went:

Dakota and Flopsy hiding because they aren't quite sure about this new bunny.


Dakota realizes Penny's around, lunges a bit towards her cause she's not quite sure, I stop any chance of a bite and start petting them. And pet them.... And pet them. And they don't mind one bit :p


And Flopsy.....


Staying completely out of the girl trouble, like a smart boy should 🤣
Gosh they are cute!

I am very interested in seeing the outcome of the bonding attempt. Too bad we couldn't just explain these situations to the buns and the benefits they would get from a change.

BTW I do like the name of your blog and yes remember the show.
Gosh they are cute!

I am very interested in seeing the outcome of the bonding attempt. Too bad we couldn't just explain these situations to the buns and the benefits they would get from a change.

BTW I do like the name of your blog and yes remember the show.

Haha, thanks! I'm glad at least one person knows what it means :)

I'm pretty interested too, in how it will turn out. I never thought Dakota would tolerate another rabbit, but she's doing surprisingly well. Just goes to show you never quite have them figured out. Though I'm not sure how these two old folks are going to adapt to Penny's bouncy exuberance.

Lovelops, I'm not quite sure about Flopsy, as I think his mom just showed up at a neighbors farm. I'm guessing he might be a mini lop or mix, but a large one at that, as he's about 8 lbs. Of course Dakota is a purebred Holland, but at 5 lbs, she would be considered quite large for the breed as well.
I just love seeing pics of your buns, those three are so cute together and they are all just gorgeous. I really hope that they sort themselves and just get on with it. A bit of nipping is normal as long as it doesn´t develop into anything worse.

Yes, it would be great to explain to our bunnies exactly why living together would be of great benefit to them all....maybe you should try it and see what happens lol.
A bit of nipping EVERYDAY is Dakota's normal. Just ask Flopsy :p I'm not quite sure how Penny is going to put up with that though. I think it's something I need to slowly break her into, so she kind of gets used to Dakota's cranky ways, lol.

I could try... But I don't think they really listen to me :dunno:
Flopsy, has the be the best rabbit there is. He's like, "if you like her honey, I'll like her, but I'm just going to lay over here and let you figure it out" How funny!

I hope that you can bond them all together, that would be an awesome trio!
Morgan is so right, he´s just letting them get on with it and figure it out. I am so hoping that this works out for all three, they would be a wonderful threesome....fingers crosses :nod
Thanks Lovelops, I'll try to get some more pics taken.

Zombiesue, what kind of guide did you have in mind :)

Oh.... I wish it was that nice of an explanation. But it's more like 'Dakota's a grump and if I get anywhere near her when Penny is near, I may be the one that gets bit, so I'm staying FAR away' :p

Penny is adjusting to it really well. She's almost like the respectful grandchild around the grumpy old grandparents. She's all submissive and well behaved, but around the other bunnies she is all aggressive. So this is really the only chance I see of her being able to bond with anybun. She has already started to relax and do her happy bunny tricks when out with Flopsy and Dakota.

The big problem(as always) is Dakota. Because of her bad eyesight, she tends to lunge first and ask questions later, haha. So it's really going to take Penny taking cues from Flopsy, and learning to steer clear of Dakota at times. If it was just Penny and Flopsy, they would be bonded by now. But I can see it taking a while for Dakota to get used to having another rabbit around.

I also have plans to bond my 6 little buns, Toby, Riley, Pip, Jake, Libby, and Roo. Yes 6! But it's actually not that bad since it's basically Pip and her babies, plus Roo. They are already halfway there. All but Jake, get playtime together and get along well. I just need to get Jake neutered and the girls spayed. Hopefully this spring I'll be able to get all of that done.
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I still can't believe you have so many and I think three is enough...then again, if I had space and money I would be that crazy lady with all those rabbits.

I would love to see all of your other group bonded..all those buns together..too cute :)
A picture guide!

Oh, maybe I just want more pictures lol

There's my intro, but I know it is a bit lengthy. I'll try to put something together that's abridged and a bit easier to follow.

Chris, wouldn't that be great to have a bunch of space and money. I would love to have my own rabbit rescue(though I know I'm well on my way at this rate:p) with a big safe outdoor area that I could just let them all out to play together in.

The trio bonding is continuing to progress. I've decided to change it up a bit though. Flopsy isn't really much of an issue. It's all about getting Dakota used to Penny, and having Flopsy around is just proving too much of a distraction for the girls spending time together and getting used to each other. So I've just been working on Penny and Dakota being together for bonding the last few times.

It's going really well. Dakota tends to lunge at sudden movement because of her bad eyesight, and Penny is starting to get used to it and just shoots away from her. And Penny doesn't seem to mind Dakota's lunging and grumpiness at all. I never imagined Penny would be submissive with Dakota(and Flopsy), but she is. We even had the first bit of humping today from Dakota, and Penny just laid there and wasn't bothered at all. Then Dakota bunloafed next to Penny, and eventually Penny got up and gave Dakota a few licks.




I'm really just amazed at how this has worked out. After seeing Penny and Baby go right to wanting to fight when I tried to introduce them, and Penny pretty much going after all the little bunnies when introducing them, I didn't really think this would work out. It just goes to show you that it really is all about finding the right match for each individual rabbit.

There were a few times in the beginning where there were tails raised and the starting of circling, and a potential fight could have broken out, but I always intervened quickly to stop anything escalating, and now Penny has settled right down, and Dakota doesn't seem to mind her and is getting used to her. I think maybe a couple more bonding sessions, and adding Flospy back in, then they should be officially bonded and I can move Penny in :).

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